If your child is struggling in school, I would like to help. I will work with you, to determine the cause of your child’s struggles and make a plan to address them.

The initial consultation can often be done over the phone, but I can come to your home, or meet in another convenient place, if you prefer. There is no charge for this and can be very quick or can take up to 20 minutes, depending on the complexity of your child’s needs. If the difficulty is language-based (reading, writing, or speaking), it is helpful for me to meet with the child as well, so we would have a face-to-face consultation, and I would speak with your child at that time, and might ask him or her to demonstrate his/her reading or writing, if applicable.

In our initial consultation, I will ask you about your perceptions of your child’s struggles and needs. If I need more information, I may ask about his or her earlier learning experiences or to see a sample of your child’s work (a writing sample or a recent test, depending on the area of concern). Once I understand your child’s needs, I will tell you what my approach to working with your child would be and, if you agree with the plan, we would set up a date and time for the first tutoring session with your child.

My standard tutoring feeĀ is $40/hour if I come to your house (or other location in the community) or $30/hour if your child comes to my home.

If you would like to share the cost of the session with another family, I can tutor two children at the same time, as long as the subject and level are the same for both children.

For groups of 3 to 5 studentsĀ (again – same subject, similar level), the rate is $17/student/hour. This is a good option for high school students who would like help reviewing and studying for exams.

For further information or to schedule your consultation, please call (613) 915-0536 or e-mail cjdever@rootsandwingsottawa.ca



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